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Find out what I am up to in 2021 by checking in and reading a little more... 


Where am I based? 

I am currently based in Southeast Asia and live on island time, meaning I have all the hours in the day to work on creating your content. You can usually find me at my laptop, with my camera, and a coffee gathering inspiration for my valued clients.

University Degree? 

 I am a Business School M.B.A Graduate and a business owner.

I truly value my studies but agree paperwork is not all that matters; it's what you learn on the way. The secret to success is in my daily routine. As a passionate communicator, reader and researcher, copywriting never feels like 'work'. 

Favourite Destination? 

Wandering Southeast Asia has taken me to so many incredible places, and they all hold something uniquely special. I have spent most of my time in Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia and can't get enough of the picture-perfect landscapes, the friendly people and the delicious food! These three countries have had a significant impact on my life values, work, and personal development. 

Lifestyle Goals? 

My goal is to continue embracing a plant-based diet and find balance as a minimalist who lives for travel.  I write about the topics that I personally incorporate into my journey to bring my experience to those wanting to do the same. I have been intentionally living with 'less stuff' to gain a new perspective on what I feel truly matters. Working remotely has given me so much freedom and since starting my own business I have never looked back!   


Study Mode? 

Learning and research have always been a key part of my routine and strategy for personal growth. I recently graduated from a Udemy Business Course with renowned copywriter Tamsin Henderson 

"The Complete Copywriting Course - Write to sell like a pro".


Personal Projects?

Collaborating with Ethey On Toast Digital Designs to create our eco-friendly tote bags & t-shirts.

50% of each sale goes directly to Ocean Conservation and Education Projects in Maluku, Indonesia. Together we have raised over $200.00 and funded 1 plastic-free school program. The goal is to fund as many schools in the Maluku region as possible.

"A copywriter should have an understanding of people, an insight into them, a sympathy toward them."
    George Gribbin
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How Does A Copywriter Add Value To Your Brand? 

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